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“Help Me Get Married Today”

How can you elope today?

1. Bride and groom agree to get married and buy a marriage license (link to marriage license location above, map is below).

2. Select two people age 18 or older (your witnesses) to come to our north Phoenix wedding studio with you to sign the marriage license document. For your convenience or privacy we can provide one or both witnesses ($30 each).

3. By appointment, elope in Phoenix! We will conduct your brief wedding ceremony (religious or civil), help complete the marriage license papers and you are married immediately with no more waiting.

Our attire is resort casual, but dress any way you would like. Cost: $100. If you would like any more than two people to attend with you at our studio, the cost is $150. If you would prefer to elope at your location, we would come to you and the cost is $150.

Locations for Wedding?

Getting married today in Phoenix has never been easier. Our wedding studio is located two traffic lights from the Northeast Justice Court Marriage License Office.

Call us for more details or if you have any questions.

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